Hayden Kho and Princess Velasco Video Scandal?

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The sex video scandal of Dr. Hayden Kho is definitely far from over. Beside the lawsuits and charges he faces from Katrina Halili, he also faces further embarrassment should more videos come out. There is a rumor that he has another video that is spreading over the internet. The video is between him and an alleged Princess Velasco, girlfriend of his (ex) buddy, Dr. Herbert “Bistek” Rosario. Just imagine the shame of that. It’s the lowest of the low. Having sex with the girlfriend of your pal?

See a photo of who Princess Velasco is after the JUMP

When asked what he plans to do with all the things happening around him, he responded:

Tama ka. Hindi na ako makakapag-practice. Hindi ako makakapagtrabaho for the next how many years dahil sa sobrang napahiya ako. Hindi rin ako masyadong makalabas ng bahay, kasi bawat labas ko, bawat ngiti ko sa labas, titirahin ako sa media.

Another question was asked whether he plans to remain in the country or move overseas, he politely responded:

Hindi din naman ako puwedeng umalis dahil naka-watchlist din ako. I’m trapped here, and so far, I got nothing to do.

For the meantime, he did say that he wants to apologize to Maricar Reyes but believes that this is not the right time to do so.

Here’s a photo of “Princess Velasco” – – not confirmed but published by espiya.net.


via PEP.ph: The Number One Site for Philippine Showbiz | News | Hayden Kho wants to apologize to Maricar Reyes, but “now is not the right time”.

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