EP 17: Eric – I Will Miss You – TCCS Podcast


Photo Credit:  Ako, Ako ang may kuha nito!

If you are a regular visitor here at Chuva Chienes dot com, I’m sure you know me by now.  Madaling ma-infatuate si Chuva.  I meet all sorts of people and sometimes, I do become infatuated with some of them.  Do you all remember JOSH?  Yup, he’s one guy I became infatuated with last summer.  We remain very good friends and thank God for that.

The most recent one was Eric.  As you may all know, he is a bar tender at the bar that we normally go to once a month in Philadelphia.  I blogged about him before.  Like all infatuations, medyo nahulog ang ditse ninyo.  I was hoping for the impossible.  He became a very good friend of mine in a matter of weeks and now I was expecting more.

I know that it isn’t right specially knowing that the guy is straight and has a girlfriend.  Pero, it’s not bad to dream naman di ba?

Tonight, he said that he may be leaving his job.  He hugged me tightly and said, “I will keep in touch. “

Hope or no hope, he has become a part of me na.  I know.  It seems very strange di ba?  In a matter of three weeks, ganun na ‘ko kahulog sa kanya.  But like the tattoo on his wrist said, “This too shall pass.” (yes, that’s his wrist on the pic above) – I’m sure that I will get over it.  For now, hayaan ninyo lang na mag-emote ang ditse ninyo… listen to my podcast and find out.

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