Chuvahotness# 21 – Zac Efron


I don’t know why I never thought of him.  Maybe because he was too young then when he started.  Or maybe his looks were too boyish back then.  Whatever.  I just know that he’s one of the hottest stars around – – and the hunkiest too.  He started bulking up after High School Musical – – and he never looked the same to me. Hahaha!

Zac Efron is as hot as can be. He could be likened to Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise during their younger days.  He’s got the appeal and he’s a sweetheart.  Nevermind the earwax issue.  I’m sure he already learned that lesson on personal hygiene.

He is currently filming The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud in Vancouver, BC.

Folks – here’s the set of photos of our Chuvahotness # 21 – – Mr. Zac Efron.  He seems to love going out SHIRTLESS a lot! 🙂  Not a problem for me.

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