Love Happens – Starring Jennifer Aniston – In Theaters September 18th


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I have been infatuated many times in my life. Honestly, too many times that I can’t even count them anymore. But I’ve only fallen in love three times. It’s not a slight on the people I’ve been infatuated with – it’s simply the truth.

I just heard a very nice story from a good friend of mine who’s never fallen in love in his life when I met him. After 12 years of losing in touch with him, we finally got the chance to catch up on things. He fell in love in a way that only happens on story books. It was a meeting by chance and the relationship was totally unexpected. They started out as really good friends. They became best friends first. Then, one night – under the moonlit skies – they realized that they were in love with each other.

The relationship didn’t last long – it only lasted two years. Yet, from how he relates the story to me – it seems as if he was experiencing it for the first time. I just had to smile.

That is why this movie is one that I would like to watch. I want to believe in fairy tales again. I want to believe that true love does exist. Do you think it’s possible? Does love really just happen?

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