Balitang balita ang success ng Wowowee sa Lake Tahoe


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While on leave ang host ng Wowowee na si Willie Revillame, meron din siyang mga overseas shows na committed na including the one in Lake Tahoe sa Estados Unidos. Wowowee host Willie Revillame took a personal leave from the show after an incident on the show where he showed his anger and disappointment that a live feed of the late President Corazon Aquino’s funeral was inserted as an inset during his show that resulted in angry mobs of protests from online blogs and the TFC subscribers all over the world.

The successful show claims that the host drew approximately five thousand Pinoys from all around the area in California, Las Vegas and Nevada. They said that the excitement comes from the fact that Willie has been absent from his show since August 6, 2009.

The scheduled return of Yes Magazine’s 2008 Most Powerful Man in Philippine Showbiz is September 21st. The hosts had unconfirmed statements stating that he may not return to host the show at all – all the while, he is traveling the world to host and fulfill his commitments. According to reports, he will return and he will wear white to show that he is not guilty of any ill-will towards anyone.

“It will be a Martial Law ng Saya, Martial Law ng Pag-asa,” Willie said. He will wear white, to signify “that wala akong kasalanan. Na innocent ako…”)

That goes to show that the host is ready to return and the online petition filed by Roel C. Saguisag is irrelevant. (Criticized as well because the “poor” doesn’t have access to the internet and couldn’t show their support for the troubled Wowowee host).


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