Marco Morales Presscon Pics for PIPO (Ang Batang Pro) – Video Trailer


Hello Marco Morales fans! I’m sure that you are awaiting the latest film by your sexy and uber hunky Marco Morales.   The film, PIPO (Ang Batang Pro) stars Starstruck’s Tyrone Perez as well.  Although I think Marco is cute,  Tyrone Perez is just cuter.

The only downside is – bakit another film about hustlers again?  Is that the only gay-theme we can think of when making indie films?  Dahil naging success ang Macho Dancer ni Lino Brocka hindi ibig sabihin eh lahat ng gay-themed film is about hustlers… that’s my opinion.

Photo Credit: Marco Morales Yahoo Group

Although the film promises a sexy scene between Marco, Tyrone and Michelle Estevez – – I’m sure excited na kayong panoorin.. so watch the trailer below.

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