First time ever: Spain’s First Daughters Photographed


It is quite unique. We know that for security purposes, celebrities or high-profile individuals usually shield their children from the media. Michael Jackson’s children were never exposed until after his death. Needless to say, it is for the best interest of the children that this is usually done.

In the case of the Prime Minister of Spain’s children, it was a different story. Prime Minister Jose Luiz Rodriguez Zapatero’s children have been protected by the Spanish media. They were never photographed in public. But when the family was visiting New York to meet with the Obama’s – a photograph taken of the family (including daughter Laura, 16 and Alba, 13) would have been the ultimate family portrait. Imagine a family photo opp with the Obamas? Little did the Prime Minister know that pictures taken are uploaded to the State Department’s Flickr page.

The photos were immediately published in front pages of newspapers in Spain and this was the first time that the girls were seen in photographs. The thing of it is, the girls were dressed in calf-high black boots and what seemed to be labeled as “goth clothing”. The Spanish Prime Minister requested that the photos not be published but it was a little too late.

You can see the photo through this link.

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