Indie Film “I Love Dreamguyz” tackles the same issue – – Macho Dancers

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I have said this over and over again and I guess it has fallen on deaf ears because we continue to produce independent films that revolves around the same story… Macho Dancers. Granted, it is a money-maker and yes, sex does sell but come on.

In this latest film by Joel Lamangan, a story evolves around a group of five men as entertainers in Japan star-billed by the frontal nudity king, Marco Morales.

Synopsis: Five young men land job contracts as entertainers in Japan and form a new hip-hop dance group called Dreamguyz. Guided by their gay manager DIDI (Jao Mapa), they spend the next few months before their trip bonding as friends who share a common dream of finding greener pastures in the Land of the Rising Sun.

MICHAEL (actor) worked as a dancer in Japan when he was still a minor, using a fictitious name and a forged passport. He makes sure his recruiter doesn’t find out he’s not a first-timer to Japan like the rest of the guys. BENJO (actor) seeks to escape a cruel stepfather and find his missing older brother, a musician turned illegal alien in Japan. ALVIN (actor) is Didi’s lover, who openly expresses his affections for his benefactor while hoping to make his own money in Japan.

The movie opens November 4 in Manila and select theaters nationwide.

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