Boy in Balloon found at home in the Attic – Safe


This TV drama couldn’t have ended better than this.  Imagine the frantic people watching this saucer-like balloon waving in the wind thinking that a boy is either inside or may have fallen off as it swayed uncontrollably.

The 6-year old boy was found in the attic of their home.  The search was prompted when the boy’s older brother told police that his younger brother Falcon Heene climbed at the box that was supposedly attached to the helium-balloon craft.

As it unfolded, it was found that the boy didn’t board the craft.   Instead, he climbed and hid in the attic.

“Apparently the boy’s been there the whole time. He’s been hiding in cardboard box in the attic above the garage,” Sheriff Jim Alderden said.

Thank goodness!  Apparently, the family is very much interested in aliens and storms.   For more details, visit

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