Cleveland Indians’ Grady Sizemore’s Leaked iPhone Pics


This is what I don’t get with men who has iPhones.  Granted, you have a new toy – you like playing with it.  But don’t take pictures of yourself and do sexting to whomever it may be.  It could be a girlfriend, a boyfriend – whoever.  Cause if you do, you’re bound to end up on the internet.

The latest one is Cleveland Indian’s Grady Sizemore whose iPhone Photos have been leaked on the internet.  Although there are some revealing pictures, there wasn’t one with full nudity (yet!).

The site that hosts and published the photos however is VERY NSFW. We’re not going to warn you again but if you would like to see the photos – please don’t view them at work or in presence of children.  He is super sexy, and his body is nicely built.


Follow the link below.

Cleveland Indians’ Grady Sizemore’s iPhone Pics

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