Ukulele Boy (I’m Yours Video by Jason Mraz) is a web hit sensation

I knew this would happen.  The first time I saw the video and when I blogged about it, I  had no doubt that the video would go viral.  I mean, who wouldn’t think of this kid as the cutest ever playing a ukulele and trying to avoid having to stop playing because his nose was itchy?  Ha!  It’s the cutest thing ever!

Well, now he’s been labeled as the “ukulele boy”… Congratulations.  I’m sure some talk show host (Oprah or Ellen) will be inviting this kid on their show soon.

If I was big enough, and have my own talk show, I wouldn’t hesitate at all and invite  this kid and have him play on Christmas Day… it will  be a treat I’m sure. Heck, if I was Jason Mraz – – I’ll meet this kid. Come on Jason – – let’s do it!

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