A Christmas Eve to remember. Fabulous Dinner by ANTM!

The tree setup the same day.  Ha!  Talk about last minute.

Wait a minute.. it’s still the holiday season so this post is not considered late just yet. For most of us, Christmas is now a memory. It’s done. Presents opened, cards discarded and Christmas Tree to some have been dismantled.

Not for Chuva Chienes. Chuva was not in the spirit of Christmas until Christmas eve. I really wasn’t feeling it this year. With the economic meltdown affecting every one I know, people still out of a job, many celebrated Christmas simply and stayed at home to save cost – – I just couldn’t get into the spirit. But Christmas eve came and all of a sudden, I got into the spirit of it all.

Thanks to friends. Sometimes, when family is not around, the second family takes over. I decided not to go home for Christmas this year because last year was a total disaster. No one really wanted to participate in celebrating Christmas together as a family and I ended up sitting alone at midnight on Christmas eve, sipping red wine – ALL BY MYSELF! It was supposed to be a reunion but my family decided to spend Christmas eve dinner at my cousin’s house. I opted not to go because I really wanted us all to celebrate Christmas eve at home… midnight struck and the whole family was just on their way home.

This year, I decided to stay with friends. Many of the Butse Gang do not have family here in the US. People take turns opening their homes for Christmas eve for members of the Butse gang who don’t have family to visit. Either their family are not here in the US or they no longer have family to go home to.

America’s Next Top Monay (ANTM for short) was generous enough to open their home this year. Only Joey and Chuva were able to attend the dinner but it was so much fun nonetheless. As you may now know, ANTM loves to cook and cook very well. Monay bakes a cake for every member of the Butse Gang on their birthdays (imagine that!). We thank him for all the work he’s put out to give our birthdays a special kick. And this time, he showed his culinary skills by preparing a full course dinner for Christmas eve. I tried to take photos in the best way I can to express how excellent the food was but even with my amateur skills in photography, I couldn’t capture how delicious and scrumptious we had it on Christmas eve.

So here goes. As a gesture of thanks to Bud and ANTM, here are the photos from our Christmas Eve Dinner.

They just purchased their home, so things are still “in progress”.

The table setting.  I kinda like it.

We got there around 8:30 and our host was putting the finishing touches to our meal.

While waiting, we had wine, paired with pepperoni and cheese slices and crackers.

Once the table was set, we were ready.

We started with Iceberg lettuce wedges with tomatoes, topped with bleu cheese dressing.  It was delish!!

It was so good I had to ask for how he made the dressing.

Here’s Bud, opening another bottle of wine.

Here’s the Rib Roast – – YUM!

After prayers of Thanksgiving (Yes, Annette – – we pray!!), Bud had to honor of carving the roast.  See how juicy that was?

Here’s the Cheddar Au Gratin potatoes I believe (I’m sure ANTM will correct me on that one). I loved – loved this!!

For veggies, we had asparagus and brussell sprouts topped with parmesan and lemon zest.

Now, doesn’t that just make your mouth water?

Here’s Bud, ANTM and Joey.  Of course, Chuva is taking the photograph.

Oh, I forgot to take a photograph of Joey’s fresh-baked French baguette served warm.  It was so good I thought I will eat the whole thing.  Bud will tell you, the bread was fanstastic too!

Almost at the end of dinner when ANTM placed our dessert in the oven (with coffee brewing of course!!).  I forgot what this was called.

My, Oh, My~!!  It was heaven.  Finishing our dinner with this dessert just made the whole dinner even more wonderful.

And someone got a nice Christmas present this year.  Guess who? 🙂

Some after dinner photos of ANTM, JOEY and CHUVA.  (Bud went to bed already.  He was exhausted… haha!)

I would like to thank America’s Next Top Monay and Bud for a wonderful Christmas eve dinner!  I wouldn’t trade that night (or that meal) for anything else.  The wonderful company and the warmth of your welcome made my Christmas this year.  I would like to thank Joey as well for spending time with us and for letting me sleep at his house that evening.

Now, I know where I will spend my Christmas eve dinner in 2010~ ! Ha!  Sorry but I don’t know how to host a sit-down dinner.

Thanks again!  And happy happy holidays!

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