The Bradley Cooper Nude Beach Video – I bet you didn’t know that.

Wait hold on! Stop the traffic! I know – I know… you have probably been searching the net for anything Brad Cooper (Chuvahotness # 19). But here’s one where Bradley did a show called Globe Trekkers for Discovery Channel. Well, he ended up in one destination that you probably never knew existed.

Bradley Cooper was 25-years old then and he was taken to a beach in Croatia, but not just any beach. It is a nude beach. He then got caught with his clothes on and was told that “he was breaking the rules” and that “if asked, he must take it off!”

Well, well. Guess what he did? Find out and watch the VIDEO – – YES, the VIDEO of him at a nudist beach in Croatia.

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1 Comment on "The Bradley Cooper Nude Beach Video – I bet you didn’t know that."

  1. The video of Bradley was a total waste of time, minutes I can’t get back. Why did they make it sound different than it really was? What did this website get for making people watch something which was not what it was represented to be? The smart thing to do is to avoid this site in the future.

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