Uh-oh! Chace Crawford Photo with his hands down his trousers.

Photo Credit: Mavrix Online via SocialiteLife.com

It must be hard to live a life of a celebrity. I’d be freaking scared to death of paparazzis hovering over wherever I am. Hiding in the bushes, skimming through my trash.. I’ll go crazy!

But I guess celebrities grow either a liking to a somehow voyeuristic society. Similar to the photo above of our Chuvahotness # 1 – Chace Crawford – caught with his hands down his pants while chatting away on his cell phone. Yes, he actually started our Chuvahotness series.

There are also news about Keira Knightly being stalked (at one point she had a total number of five stalkers before this one!~).

I will never survive being a celebrity. I’d drink myself to death. Oh – – I’m already doing that. Okay, I’ll never be caught outside on my cell phone with my hands down my pants. 🙂

Wanna see more of these pics? Head over to Socialite Life.

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