Year 2010 – Home Improvement Projects

Last year, I didn’t have any projects done at the house. It was a time of conservation, a time to save. With a paycut at work and the economic downturn – everyone was tightening their belts and I was one of them. But this year, with our paycuts returned to normal (and I even expect to get a raise – woohoo!!), it’s time to get back to home improvements.

One thing I wanted to do was replace all carpets on the second floor into hardwood floors. It may be a little expensive but as long as you take care of it, hardwood floors can give you a lifelong satisfaction. Easier to clean, easy to maintain and less dust and germs. one way I thought would protect my hardwood floors is by getting customized area rugs that would protect the hardwood from scratches and all. It is the most convenient and least expensive way of protecting an investment. The thing is, you can even customize the design according to your liking and that’s what I like about it. As long as I keep within my budget, this project should go forth as planned. *~ Crossing my fingers! ~*

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