Hunky Mario Lopez is going to be a dad… Awwww..

Although I am sad that one of my hunky future boyfriends is now officially off limits (ha!) broadway actor, dancer and television host Mario Lopez and his girlfriend, Broadway dancer Courtney Mazza, are going to be parents according to

Lopez is the host of “Extra” and “America’s Best Dance Crew” but he has also hosted countless beauty pageants as well. He started out as the heartthrob A.C. Slater on classic early 90s television show “Saved By the Bell” and he also did that unforgettable shower scene on Nip / Tuck.

The pair met while both were performing in the recent Broadway revival of A Chorus Line. Mazza’s broadway credits include “The Little Mermaid” and “Cry Baby”.

Even though he’s not “officially” off the market (since they are not married yet), I don’t think I will pursue him any longer since I don’t know if I could raise a baby right. Hahaha!

Congratulations Mario and Courtney!!

Here’s the video – – for memories’ sake. 🙂

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