I’d love to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony – Ricky Martin admits he’s gay – She Bangs!

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What? Big deal. That’s what everyone is probably saying. It’s not like it’s the early 90s anymore. We all live in a world now where being openly gay is no longer a stigma to some degree. I do still admire him for admitting it (Do we hear Anderson Cooper next? 🙂 )

Ricky Martin, the “Livin’ La Vida Loca” and “She Bangs” Latin singer/songwriter who has two kids has finally come out using Twitter (hmmmm… that’s a great idea!) providing a link to his website RickyMartin.com from which he mistakenly directed fans to RickyMartinMusic.com admitting that he’s gay. Both blogs cannot be accessed at this time probably because of the influx of fans trying to find out what he has to say. He say’s “I’m a Fortunate Homosexual Man.”

Ricky – we have loved you ever since. Whether you admitted it then or now, you are still the same sexy and hot Ricky Martin with a heart of gold that we know. So, sip your Apple Martini and relax. Friends and family will stick by you regardless. You are a talented artist who uses your celebrity status to help create change in this ever crazy world.

And to the people who would like to judge him for coming out this late – – don’t.  Everyone is entitled to their own timing for coming out.  Some people feel the need to come at at 5-years old, some 16-years old.. and some – – 38-years old.

Let’s just welcome him to a family he’s always belonged to but was never able to be himself.  I hope he turns out at the Philadelphia Pride Fest ’10!

Ricky Martin says he’s gay, but its no big deal to anyone.

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