Have you seen Jennifer Hudson lately? She looks amazing!

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Today was our 4th annual Visita Iglesia. Good Friday usually brings the Butse Gang together to visit seven churches and make the 14 Stations of the Cross.

We were joined by 7 other members. The experience is always nice and we always end up at Chinatown for some Chinese food then coffee and dessert at my place.

During the evening, everyone was talking about anything and everything. Jennifer Hudson’s name came up and we were all wondering where she is these days. So, I decided to look her up tonight and found that she had given birth to a baby boy seven months ago, is still engaged to be married and have lost a considerable amount of weight through Weight Watchers!

Doesn’t she look amazing? She’s a great advertisement for the Weight Watchers company because looking at her today, you wouldn’t even recognize her. She told Robin of Good Morning America that she is also preparing for a role to play Winnie Mandela. Wow! Things are really going great for her and we wish her more blessings in the future.

Look at more of her slimmed down figure here.

Here’s the Weight Watcher’s commercial.

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