Former WWE and WCW wrestler Chris Kanyon’s death ruled a suicide at 40

The openly gay wrestler, Chris Kanyon (Christopher Klucsaritis) is deemed to have committed suicide with his body found Friday night in his New York apartment with a pill bottle left by his side with several notes.

The wrestler suffered from bipolar disorder and has battled severe depression.

Such sad news this year about people and celebrities who have taken their lives due to depression.  Marie Osmond’s son Michael Blosil and Andrew Koenig from the famous sitcom in the 80s,  Growing Pains both took their own lives this year due to depression.

According to reports:

“He told one friend as recently as Monday that he was having problems and was contemplating suicide.

“The friend is said to have contacted one of Kanyon’s family members to express his concern — despite the fact that he and several of Kanyon's friends have heard similar statements over the years.

“One friend said this morning that he’s expected this type of news for years, yet it was still surprising and clearly painful for this person.”

Fans showed their grief through Twitter and Facebook yesterday. May he rest in peace.

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