In LVoe with Louis Vuitton – Just crossed over the 1M mark! Congrats!

When blessings come, they come. I remember when I started blogging and I was talking to a friend of mine in Washington DC. I was so excited and I would suppose (not bragging by any means) that he was inspired to blog because of me.  😉

Well, voila! His blog has loyal readership and really just a simple blog. I believe he is at PR 4 and still did not want to make money off his his blog. He said that it really is just a hobby and besides, if he adds PPC ads on his blog, it will be filled with offers for fake LVs which he didn’t want.  He blogs mainly about the LV brand and you will find all sorts of photos from readers and non-readers alike submitted to him.  I believe he has more than 15 LV bags if not more.

So, Congratulations to my fellow blogger in DC. In LVoe with Louis Vuitton has crossed over the 1M unique visitor threshold! I am so damn proud.

Keep at it… and I love the new banner gurl!!

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