Are you willing to bet if James Franco is gay?

This one’s gonna getcha!  If everyone and anyone in Hollywood right now is coming out with no big fuss, you would think James Franco would have admitted already that he’s gay.  However, he dodged a few questions about his sexuality and according to NY Daily, ‘SNL’s’ Will Forte says he’s a passionate kisser.

And how does Will Forte know that and why would he say that?  Here’s what happened:

“One of the guests asked James a few things that alluded to his sexuality,” says a panel-goer, explaining that the line of questioning was in regards to Franco’s on-camera kiss with Will Forte on “SNL.” “Franco’s rep stopped him from answering, and the crowd got really uncomfortable.”

But Franco didn’t seem to mind: “Will and James were taking pictures of themselves with a Polaroid at the afterparty [at 48 Lounge],” says a spy. “And then James turned to Will and joked, ‘Uh-oh, this one is going to make people talk!’ Will even told a passerby, ‘James is a very passionate kisser!'”

He is a super hunk and I would love to meet him.  My niece actually has a picture of him while she was attending NYU.  Yummmy!!  I also wonder if he really shaves his armpits… double hmmm…

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