Willie Revillame vs Jobert Sucaldito- Over reacting or has the right to threaten his employer?

Listen. If you are ABS-CBN, and one of your employees (who I’m sure brings millions of pesos into the business as Willie Revillame will not be paid P1 M a day if he didn’t) threatens to resign simply because he believes that something must be done with another employee who is causing him distress – what would you do?

Like any business, everyone is really dispensable. You or anyone else can be fired from a job that we believe in our hearts that we are fit to do. Your employer is your employer. Although, an employer can overlook everything else that you do if you bring in the big bucks. If Willie Revillame leaves Wowowee, ABS-CBN knows that it will probably not generate as much of a following that Willie has provided. And that is probably why ABS-CBN is trying to resolve the issue behind closed doors.

He has been absent from the show for a couple of days now and Pokwang doesn’t want to comment on the reason for Willie’s absence. Where is he? Is this the same tactic that he used during the Cory Aquino Funeral isssue? Hide from the public until everything subsides and then return as if nothing happened? Was his “on air” tantrums acceptable to ABS-CBN? Was it necessary to put this out on the air instead of resolving the issue with Jobert Sucaldito internally?

What’s your take on it? Is it a very good reason for ABS-CBN to simply let Willie Revillame go? Or is it another way of Willie Revillame trying to stretch his star muscle to convince ABS-CBN that he’s the god of Wowowee?

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Is Willie Revillame Over Reacting?
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No, he is right to defend the students!
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