Cristy Fermin to Willie Revillame: “You don’t challenge the station.”

It’s a lose-lose situation for  Willie Revillame if you ask me.  Whether he stays with ABS-CBN or moves to another station.  Are there any station out there willing to compensate Willie with the same monetary and show privileges?  We wonder.

Conversations between Willie and Cristy Fermin shows that Willie Revillame is upset with ABS-CBN saying that all the blame gets pointed at him from the stampede, to Wilyonario to the wrong house given to a winning contestant on his show.

Cristy confirms that  Willie Revillame is in Macau right now vacationing as a way to avoid all the talks about his situation at the moment.  When asked whether Willie Revillame is moving to TV5 – Cristy responded that it’s not that easy to move from station-to-station.  “It’s a long process”, she says.  One thing that she did remind Willie – – “You don’t challenge the station (that blesses you).”


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