Markki Stroem on his circulating nude photos: ‘I am a bit nahihiya’

Nude photos of Pilipinas Got Talent finalist Markki Stroem was reportedly circulating in the internet but Showbiz News Ngayon merely uncovered the ones where he’s wearing skimpy underwear which showed off his fantastic figure. Although the 22-year old confirmed that the reports are true, he couldn’t help but be embarrassed for being caught in this controversy. “Yeah, I saw them. I mean, I’m a bit nahihiya kasi everything is out there and I just want to show that I can sing and I’m a musician. And I don’t want everyone to be seeing the picture of me in my underwear as something that’s distracting to the fact that I’m a contestant in Pilipinas Got Talent,” he shyly said in a recent interview.

The dashing Fil-Norwegian further explained that those photos were taken during a fashion show that he was part of back in Europe last year. “They’re very open about things so when I was doing it, it was just kind of nothing, I guess, for me. But the culture here is a bit different than it is from there.” When asked if he would go back to modelling if his stint in Pilipinas Got Talent won’t work out, he was quick to say that he’d be more conservative next time. “I guess salamat sa lahat (who gave positive feedback on his sexy photos) who said that, but it’s still nakakahiya,” he reiterated.

Both SNN hosts Kris Aquino and Boy Abunda thought nothing about it, however, stating that there’s nothing wrong with flaunting ones sexy body. Boy even assured Markki that many aspiring singers who used to flaunt their bodies in the past still made it in the music industry.

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