The Tado vs. Vice Ganda Controversy (VIDEO) Showtime

When you rise to the top, controversies surely follow you. That’s exactly what’s happening to Vice Ganda right now. With all the success, people will and do try to divert your focus. Here’s an example.

Watch the video and see who’s right and who’s wrong. Was Vice Ganda’s reaction to Tado’s remark about “kabaklaan” improper? The heated exchange has now reached Twitter and Facebook. According to reports, Vice Ganda is not demanding an apology from Tado.

The Ladlad Party has already posted the video as well because of Tado’s offensive remark about gays.

Apparently, comments such as “Buti na ang magnakaw, kaysa mamakla” from Tado infuriated Vice Ganda. I would have been offended as well and probably respond quite defensively. What do you think? Take our poll:

Was Vice Ganda’s response to Tado inappropriate?
Yes, he should have responded differently.
No, Tado deserved it. free polls
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