OMG, He’s Naked: Ronnie Kroell – Full Monty Pics has surfaced.

Yeah… it’s not like the chicken shit move that Levi Johnston did when he posed for Playgirl.  I mean, Levi didn’t even show anything worthwhile.  Wearing hockey gear?  Big deal.

This time, Ronnie Kroell grabbed the opportunity and showed it all.  And mind you, they are very pretty!  :)

Like I have always reminded my readers – if you are under 18 – – SHEW!!!

But if you are a normal (define normal!) and functioning adult, you may view the photos through this (WARNING: NSFW SITE) LINK .

I don’t normally put these types of posts on the headline pages so if you are not a subscriber to Chuva Chienes dot com, you are missing out.


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