QFest Philadelphia 2010 – July 9 – July 19, 2010 – Leo’s Room (Video) Trailer

There was a time when our group of friends will gather during QFest in Philadelphia and we made it a point to watch at least two to three movies from the Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.  Those days are long gone and I miss those days.  Nobody seems to have the time to hang out in the city anymore to watch movies during QFest.

I did hear about a couple of entries in this year’s QFest that are both worth seeing.  One of them is Leo’s Room *(Uruguay) and the other Elvis and Madonna *(Brazil).  The story lines are worth it and I heard that the acting from both movies are superb.

I am going to try and see at least one of them – which is Leo’s Room.  I love those “gay and confused” stories because I can somehow relate to it.

Here are the trailers of Leo’s Room and Elvis and Madonna:


To see the full list of entries and showtimes, visit Philadelphia QFest 2010

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