When Facebook suggests you get in touch with someone… who’s already died.

What would you do if you have a friend on Facebook who has passed and the “send him a message” appears on the sidebar? Kinda freaky isn’t it?

Well, according to NYTimes.com, it happens to many of the 350 million Facebook users. How does an social networking application determine if a user has died? Pretty hard to automate that I would say.

It has been admitted by Facebook that there is really no concrete way to determine if the user is dead or not. Apparently, they do have a way of reporting if someone has already passed and a relative must verify it with a death certificate or a link to an obituary publication. I didn’t know that. And you probably didn’t as well and therefore, you probably don’t know how to report it.

The question however comes down to: “Do you really want to take out someone’s memory from the application?” Some of the friends would still probably want to leave a comment or two, or offer prayers on that person’s behalf. What would be the most acceptable and politically correct way of doing so?

I guess, Facebook will somehow have to find a way to do so in the future.

It’s just kinda freaky if you asked me.

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