Now, I’m really confused. Droid X – sells out.

I literally placed my order for a Black iPhone 4 just a couple of hours ago.  Then, my co-worker Tim just walked over to me telling me how the Droid X (by Motorola) is so much like the iPhone that it sold out.

I go to Verizon’s website, and found this to be true.  Due to the demand, they cannot ship anymore until August 3rd.  Wow!  Did iPhone just find a rival?

And check this out – the Droid X has an 8.0 Megapixel camera!!  What???  Shoop!

Here are the specs:

    Vibrant 4.3″ Edge–to–Edge Display

  • Droid X by Motorola is built for a fantastic video watching experience with a large widescreen in the full 16:9 format, ideal for full length movies.
  • Capture High–Def Movies with Superior Audio

  • HD camcorder captures video in 720p quality, with slow & fast motion modes, plus directional audio capture with an advanced 3 microphone solution. Plus, play them on your HD TV in true HD glory via HDMI.
  • Capture Vivid Moments, Not Hazy Memories

  • 8.0–Megapixel camera with a fast mechanical shutter capable of 1/1,000 second shutter speeds, auto–focus, and dual LED flash.
  • Smart accessories

  • Car and desk docks smart enough to know where you are, powerful enough to do everything you need.

Did I just make a very bad decision a couple of hours ago?!  I hope not!! 🙁

Take a look at this demo video:

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