Thank goodness, it’s not just me. NAIA in ruins.

My last trip to Manila was around May of last year when I met with fellow bloggers and traveled to Boracay.  Nothing much has changed from the state of the airport when I traveled to Manila back in 2007 but I did see signs asking for pardon due to improvements.  Hmmm.

I first blogged about the state of Ninoy Aquino International Airport back in 2007 after I traveled on a five-city tour in Asia.   I was so impressed with the other airports in Asia Pacific until I got to Manila.  I actually read from Lea Salonga’s blog about her post to “Open up our First Impression Already” but has since been taken down.

Needless to say, the only place that tourists see when they first land in the Philippines is our International Airport.  It is our FIRST IMPRESSION.  Compared to Chiangi Airport in Singapore, or even Osaka or Tokyo Airport in Japan – our airport is pathetic.  And I do hope that the new administration will pay special importance to the state of our International Airport.  Besides, tourism is big business.  We have many beautiful places in the Philippines to showcase.

It’s been over a year since I went home to Manila and I thought that those improvement signs were going to be “real improvements” but I guess not.   Chuvaness took pictures in and around the airport recently and let me tell you, nothing much has changed. The previous administration didn’t do much and we all hope that the new administration will.

Here’s to hoping that the next time I visit Manila, I will be greeted with an airport with Koi ponds and high-end stores. It’s a great opportunity for our country to invest on our “First Impression”.

Here’s to the AQUINO Administration! Let’s get it going please..

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