Chuva Chienes has 1985 followers on Twitter?

Call me delirious.  Call me excited.  Call me popular.  But 1985 followers on Twitter according to Twitter Counter?  Hmmmm.  Something’s amiss.

I would  love for all of the readers of my blog to follow me on Twitter ( but I don’t think I’m that popular just yet.  Cause when I go to, I see that I only have 933 followers as of today.

See the screenshot below:

Of course I wouldn’t mind if you follow me on Twitter so you can find the latest updates on my blog and what’s going on with me.  But I think something is going on with Twitter counter at the moment – and I’m not complaining. 🙂

If you do want to follow Chuva on Twitter, please follow this link. That would make me the happiest blogger/twitter user on earth.


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