Carol Burnett to play Sue Sylvester’s Mom (Jane Lynch) on GLEE

Alright Facebook Fans of Carol Burnett, your wish has been granted.  I was one of the fans who “liked” the page to get Carol Burnett on Glee.  I think the mixture between Carol Burnett and Jane Lynch (Sue Sylvester) will be a total hoot.

As reported by Michael Ausiell of Entertainment Weekly, Glee will guest veteran actress and comedienne Carol Burnett as Sue Sylvester’s mom in the Fox Musical TV series that has captured the heart of many around the globe.

In addition to the high-profile cast, there is also a petition to get Betty White on Glee as well which started back in May. Oh, the power of social media.

I’m glad though because I am a Carol Burnett fan.  Glee is just the show that everyone wants to be in right now.  I wonder which role are they going to roll in next to get more of the A-listers on Glee?

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