Is Willie Revillame’s Wall of Success Tumbling Down? ABS-CBN issues an official statement. Aray Ko!

We all know that something was up with Wowowee after the May 4th episode aired where Willie Revillame threatened ABS-CBN that he would quit unless the management fired Jobert Socaldito. However, ABS-CBN was mum about the issue as they tried to resolve the incident with Willie Revillame behind closed doors. I guess since Willie came out on a press conference stating that ABS-CBN humiliated him (Halleeerrrrr!! Seriously?), ABS-CBN was forced to issue a statement. The statement was brief, to-the-point, and extremely firm.

Here is the statement released by ABS-CBN Corporate Communications Head Bong Osorio on Willie Revillame’s press conference regarding his resolve to be released from his contract to the Kapamilya Network:

We take note of Willie Revillame’s pronouncements in his press conference today.

Willie is bound to ABS-CBN by a contract until September 2011. He violated the behavioral provisions of his contract when he threatened the ABS-CBN management during the May 4, 2010 episode of Wowowee, with a resignation if management does not fire another artist of the network. His behavior was generally seen as a display of disrespect and arrogance, completely unacceptable to the Filipino public.

As the one who violated his contract, Willie has no right to have it unilaterally invalidated. Contracts are binding agreements that must be respected by the contracting parties involved. The one who violates the contract cannot be allowed to dictate whether it should continue or end. Otherwise, contracts will have no value and may be terminated based on whim.

ABS-CBN is the aggrieved party, and as such, is the only one that can decide to end the agreement.

Despite all that had happened, ABS-CBN was willing to continue with the contract. Willie however, refused to take responsibility for his actions.

ABS-CBN wishes to reiterate that it will hold Willie to his obligations under the contract which expires September 2011.

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