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First Dr. Laura with the N-Word. Now, backlash brewing over Jennifer Aniston using ‘R-word’ ?

Here’s going to be the test of words.  Will there be any bias because Jennifer Aniston is pretty and Dr. Laura is.. well (no comment).  Anyway, according to the Marquee blog – there is a brewing controversy with Jennifer Aniston’s use of the R-Word while a guest 103.5 at “Live with Regis & Kelly“.

When asked by a Kristin Cruz from the LA Radio station how she was able to embody Barbra Streisand on her recent Harper Bazaar’s Photo Shoot, she responded with:

“I play dress-up. I do it for a living, like a retard.”

I wonder what backlash she’s going to get from saying that.   Jennifer Aniston in on tour promoting her new film, The Switch.  I mean, I love Jennifer Aniston and I’m sure she didn’t mean to say that.  The fact is that she did.   I wonder if she would apologize before this rolls out to become a bigger issue in the coming days or will people understand that she was making a joke.   We shall see.

“The Switch”   opens in theaters tomorrow – August 20th.

via Backlash brewing over Aniston using ‘R-word’ – The Marquee Blog – Blogs.

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