‘Willing-Willie’ is going to be bigger than “Wowowee”?

With the court’s decision on hold until after the scheduled launch of Willie Revillame‘s new show on TV 5 – Willing Willie, the host promises more prizes and entertainment for the whole family.

The show has been re-scheduled from its initial launch of October 10th to October 23rd.  ABS-CBN filed a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) to prevent Willing Willie to air due to  “breach of contract”.

The host seems very confident that the scheduled airing on October 23rd will push through despite the outstanding legal battles regarding his contract with ABS-CBN.

Daily prizes will include a house and lot (fully furnished), 1 Million in cash, a brand new car and scholarship for the children of its game show segment called “Family Appear”, claiming prizes will exceed offers from  his former game show Wowowee.

“We will have bigger and better prizes and we promise more fun and relevant segments in which participants could easily win,” he said in a recent talk with the Inquirer.

A daily game show to air between 6:30 p.m and 8:30 p.m, it is hoped that it will attract viewers at the time when most families are having dinner.

Many Willie Revillame supporters around the globe have vowed they will watch the show via the internet until such time that TV 5 can go global with its shows.

The question lies whether it will be as successful without the support of big advertisers who aim to reach a global audience rather than a local one.  All eyes are on Willie this time.  Will he be able to perform as he promised?  We shall see.

via INQUIRER.net

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