Is Princess-to-be Kate Middleton the new Princess Diana?

The events and the parallels between Princess Diana and princess-to-be, Kate Middleton is almost eerie. As soon as Princess Diana was introduced as the bride-to-be for Prince Charles, paparazzis had a feeding frenzy. From the announcement of the engagement to the wedding day, paparazzis were on a hunt to get a snapshot of Princess Diana no matter what it took.

Just like Princess Diana, Kate Middleton is already becoming a fashion icon. Her trademark hats are being imitated and sold in stores already. Her blue engagement dress is a very hot item online right now. Both Diana and Kate are very charismatic and easy to like. You’ll fall in love with them almost instantly.

I was one of the people who admired Princess Diana and it really devastated me when she died. I hope that the paparazzis will be careful this time in trying to pursue a full snapshot of the new princess-to-be.

It is my understanding that Kate will be protected by the Royal Armed Forces and these men have the authority to make their presence known. They are not about to let anything happen to Prince William’s fiancee. And here’s my thought. If Kate Middleton shows half the compassion that Princess Diana showed for the people of the world, she will either match or exceed Princess Diana’s fame.

Let’s hope for the best. Congratulations to Prince William and (Princess) Kate.

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