Sorry for the late post. Photos from Venice, Italy – – Chuva’s first stop.

I was more excited about the cities that I was going to visit during the cruise than the cruise itself.  I didn’t know that during the cruise, I would rather stay in the ship than on port to get a bit of rest. 😉

The ship was huge, I thought.   It had eleven decks or floors.  The main lobby was were they mostly had a band playing music from late morning ’till late evening.  The second deck all through the eight deck were mostly cabins or state rooms mixed with formal dining rooms and showrooms.  Of course, you have a choice to take a state room with a balcony or an interior state room with no windows depending on the price you can afford.  If you can afford more, you can go and take advantage of the royal suites.  Chuva couldn’t afford the royal suite or the state room with a balcony.  I had to opt for an interior state room since this was an unplanned and non-budgeted trip.  I was also nervous about the extra charges you had to pay for excursions and such and any expenditures you may have while on port.

There was a bit of rain when we arrived in Venice.   The weather was a bit chilly as well.   I’ve heard that when it rains in Venice, the streets get flooded and if it was during the summer, there’s a bit or a lot of a stench coming out of the canals depending on which months of the summer you were traveling.  On the day that we arrived, the streets in Venice were flooded but because it had rained for days before our arrival at port according to our ship mates who opted to arrive in Venice a couple days earlier before our sail date.  The locals are prepared of course and they have set up platforms in and around the city for people to step on to get from one place to the other.   Most locals wore boots or goulashes so they could walk the streets with ease and not jump from platform to platform.  But even with the flooded streets, you cannot hide the beauty and majesty of Venice.  I’ve been to Rome, Milan and Florence.  Not one city in Italy has disappointed me yet.  That was very true for Venice as well.

We walked around the streets of Venice, climbed stairs in and around canals.  We only had a few hours at port to do the things we wanted to do.  After a while of walking, picture-taking and having a sip of “cafe Americano” at one of the coffee shops by the piazza,  we walked around to view the Grand Canal and see wonderful gondolas traveling through it.  I read that the charge to ride the gondola (between 80 to 90 Euros) is very steep but if you consider the maintenance that these gondoliers do to their babies, you will be surprised at how much they spend a year to keep their gondolas in tip-top shape.  I was actually shocked.  It’s in the thousands of dollars and that explains the hefty price to ride one.

The sight of the gondolas parked at edge of the canal was one sight to see.  I just couldn’t believe I was actually in Venice.  Ever since I saw that movie with Gabby Concepcion and Roxanne (Miracle of Love c. 1982), I have always wanted to go visit Venice.  It finally came true.  Corny ko no?!

The gondolas were maintained meticulously by the gondoliers.  You could see how shiny they are.

The masks for sale are symbols of the famouse “Carnivale” held in Venice yearly.  I had to buy a souvenir.  The masks are expensive – 15 Euros to 25 Euros.

I love this shot.  We were on the square and I noticed the lamps.  Cute deba?

Those are the platforms set up by the locals and store owners to allow people to get from one place to another when the water rises from the canals.

This was a shot of the “Grand Canal”.

Even with the flooded streets, there was still a photo shoot going on.  That’s how beautiful the background was.

I just love the houses along the canals.

A must-have when in Italy.  Gelato!!

Too bad we couldn’t go inside due to the flooding.

A Filipina artist who we met at the piazza.  Her paintings sells between 250 – 300 Euros.  Oil on canvas paintings.  She told us that it was the end of the season so she will be hibernating after this and painting until next peak season which is spring and summer.  Her paintings are beautiful!

It was a great trip!  I still have lots of photos to share but I can’t fit them all in one post.

Here’s the gallery below:

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