Vote for Chuva’s 1st Annual ‘Pinoy “Kilig Factor” Love Team Award for 2010’ – On and Off Screen.

We have all been there.  All through time, Filipinos have fallen in love with their love teams.  Be it on or off camera, we have our favorites.  The lasting love teams of Pinoy Celebrities have added color to the ever-changing world of Philippine Show Business.  It adds to excitement of the fans to sometimes extreme and scary limits (Gerald Anderson and Kim Chiu) but also create communities of fans.

But we have to admit that we enjoy seeing our love teams whether off and on screen.  During my time, it was the couples Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion, Maricel Soriano and William Martinez, and Pops Fernandez and Martin Nievera who dominated the show business scene.  Blockbuster films and concerts abound during those days. Why?  Because fans have this over-the-head illusion of seeing their love teams live happily ever after.  It’s like a fairy tale that we would like to come true. So what do they do? They patronize anything and everything that features their love team whether it’s movie, and music album, a concert, a product. It all comes with the territory.

Even if you believe in love teams or not, you definitely have a favorite and if you do, why don’t you participate in our poll below.  Which couple do you think gives you the best “kilig” factor among all couples listed below.  Tell us what you think and by your votes, we will publish the “Pinoy Kilig Factor Love Team Award for 2010” on January 15th, 2011.  Let’s make it fun.  No insulting comments please or your comment will be deleted.  The TOP 10 Couples will be chosen crowning number one with our award.  You may vote daily and as much as you would like to vote.

Happy New Year everyone!!!

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