Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Blogger? PR firm and Big Bad Blogger remains to be identified.

The write-up by Ms. Margaux Salcedo on the Inquirer was shared to me several times on Facebook and I just felt compelled to write about it. Bloggers being used by PR firms to gain business working in cahoots with them by offering compensation for reviews and such.

I would not deny that during my early days as a blogger, I took paid reviews and I still do. But my reviews are not typical. I sometimes receive products from an advertiser so I can try them and then blog about my experience. There are no rules as far as what to blog.  It could be positive and it could be negative. These are real advertisers or manufacturers asking my opinion about their products. That sounds fair right?

According to the Inquirer write-up, Big Bad Blogger was working with a PR firm who insisted that negative reviews can be erased and retracted for a fee.  And positive reviews about a business or service can be said as well… for a fee!   Say what?

I recently participated in Restaurant Week here in Philadelphia. It’s not a free meal. I actually paid for the meal. I also didn’t post my review – be it good or bad – on Facebook for a fee. It was my doing and I could say that wholeheartedly. No one influenced my review and no blogger should be influenced as well.

You see, bloggers have become a part of the media. Social media is a powerful thing. Videos can go viral within seconds of taking them. A simple photo could start a scandal. Yes, bloggers can be powerful.  Just as it is powerful to blog about the Big Bad Blogger and the PR Firm who solicited the business for a “paid positive review”.

So, for your sake Big Bad Blogger – Ms. Salcedo may not have mentioned or identified who you are – but time will tell.  And for the PR firm?  You will be exposed from the shadows as well and believe us “bloggers” when we say – this is not the end of this story.

Once we find out who you are – – the world will know – – in a matter of seconds.

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