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Jennifer Aniston is adopting a baby from Mexico? Star Magazine’s cover stirs up the web.

Poor Jennifer Aniston. She is always bears the brunt of false rumors and allegations. Star Magazine’s issue this week placed Jennifer on the cover stating that she is adopting a baby from Mexico, that the Adoption papers are signed and sealed, that an Orphanage official has talked to Star, and that she’s using Courney’s nanny to help take care of the baby.

There is a rumor as well that she had already build a $250K gender-neutral nursery in her Beverly Hills home complete with a Harry Potter mural on the ceiling. All of these were denied by Jennifer Aniston’s rep saying that the story was completely “fabricated”.

Gossip Cop spoke to Jennifer’s rep and here’s what they said:

Aniston has NOT adopted a baby, has NOT hired a nanny and has NOT built a nursery.

Except for Aniston’s support of the orphanage, the entire story is “fabricated.”

It’s amazing what magazines will do these days to boost sales.

So there! No Adoption for Jennifer Aniston.

This is not the first time Star has reported that Jennifer Aniston is adopting a baby. Remember the cover of Star Magazine back in April 2009?  If you bought that copy, you know by now that it wasn’t true.  Would you buy this week’s issue?

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