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I can’t stop watching CNN about the unrest in Egypt. Anderson Cooper gets attacked while reporting in Cairo. (VIDEO)

Journalism is dangerous work.  It’s not something to take lightly.  And if you are a professional and highly-sought after journalist like Anderson Cooper, you better prepare yourself to travel into the world’s most dangerous news-making places.

I mean, our sweet little Anderson was in Haiti during the earthquake crisis and you actually watch him save a boy from the looting warzones.

Now this.  According to a tweet posted by George Hale, Anderson Cooper attacked while reporting from Cairo.  Here’s the tweet:

We must applaud these journalists for the work that they do to make sure that we witness what’s going on in the world.  They put their lives in danger for you and I to fully understand the world we live in.

Take care Anderson!  I read that he’s okay.  Violence is expected to escalate as pro-Mubarak supporters clash against the protesters.

via Gawker

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