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I am borrowing this post: The difference between Clinton, Sarkozy and Obama

I am a regular reader of and many of you probably already know that. I got to know her blog when I took the Chuva Chienes persona and every time I search the word “Chuva” on Google, her blog always appears with mine.

I saw her post this morning and it reminded me of the Oprah Winfrey Show last night when I watched her show on DVR.  She had on mother-daughter Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher as guests. When Debbie Reynolds was asked about how her ex-husband Eddie Fisher took on Elizabeth Taylor and left her, she made the gesture above (obviously referring to the size of his eheemmmmm….)  as these women did.  Carrie Fisher then added, “…She didn’t miss him much… !”  LOL!

Now, putting the photos below in the same context – – It is majorly hilarious!!

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