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Hmmm. Donald Trump might run for President in 2012 – only trails Obama by three points in new poll.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Donald Trump runs for President in 2012.  Until now, there is still no one in the Republican party who can be the front runner for the party in the upcoming presidential elections.

Until “The Donald” spoke at a conservative conference two weeks ago, there were no talks of him running for president.  But he said, “maybe I’ll run for president”, playing with the enthusiastic crowd.  That created the buzz about him running for office in 2012.

Now that he’s thrown the word out onto the table – – polls have been set up to see how good he would fare out against the current president, Pres. Barack Obama.

Lo and behold!  He only trails President Obama by three points according to new poll.  Although his candidacy is already being compared to the Ross Perot campaign back in 1992 as something that would probably lose and give a better chance for Pres. Obama to win just like what Ross Perot did for Former Pres. Bill Clinton.

via NY Daily News

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