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Sometimes you wonder. Christina Aguilera Arrested with Boyfriend Matt Rutler For Public Intoxication reports that Christina Aguilera was arrested this morning together with her boyfriend in West Hollywood.  Apparently,  her boyfriend Matt Rutler was driving the car and officials notice erratic driving and pulled him over.  After the booked her boyfriend, officials noticed that Christina was not fit to care for herself since she was intoxicated herself.  She was booked for her own safety.  But I guess they have to book you for something.  She was booked for public intoxication.

Maybe it’s not these celebrities abusing alcohol or drugs.  Maybe it’s just magnified because they are in the public eye.  I mean, since New Year’s eve, I have been drunk four times (and you wouldn’t want to see me on New Year’s Eve… I was a total mess).   The difference between these celebrities and I is that I am not on the public eye.  I am not a celebrity and therefore, no one notices what I do.

Regardless, I have taken steps to avoid alcohol.  I try not to go out anymore until I know that I have a handle on drinking.  These celebrities simply know that they can get away with murder and seems like they don’t really give a rat’s ass about the whole thing.

Christina has been known to be wild before.  This is nothing new.  What’s new is that she is now a mother.  Where is the baby?  Sheesh!!

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