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Oh no! Donald Trump is one of them! He wants Barack Obama to show his birth certificate… Whoopi Goldberg argues with him…(VIDEO)

I’m fucking livid! Yes, I said the word! I don’t usually say that word around my blog if it is not warranted.

Yet, on top of the news that the Westboro Idiot Church’s plan to protest Elizabeth Taylor’s funeral, comes the news that Donald Trump and Whoopi Goldberg had it out on The View because Donald Trump thinks that Barack Obama is hiding something that is why he hasn’t shown his birth certificate.

Are you fucking for real? Hey, Mr. Trump – have you tried to get a driver’s license lately? Maybe not because you are driven by a chauffeur (exccuuuusse meeeeeeeeee!). Because if you have, the amount of identification I have to provide in order to get my driver’s license is one ounce short of asking me for blood! Okay?

You said you went to the best schools. Okay, I get that. And you don’t get it that Barack Obama, before becoming a Senator in Illinois would have already been questioned whether he is a U.S. Citizen or not? Because in order for you to become a Senator, you have to have been a citizen at least for nine years. You know that right? That being said, if he was a naturalized citizen – do you think he would have the guts to run for President and think that he can get away with that? Cause if he did, something is wrong with our process. If President Barack Obama became a President without all the proper verification when he said he would run, shame on us.

Here’s the video of the feud that occurred between Whoopie and Donald:

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