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And the backlash continues – Willing Willie goes off-the-air for two weeks; Willie Revillame uses Twitter to respond to his critics



I was watching Oprah’s Master Class the other night.  It was a pre-recorded Master Class on OWN.  The Master this time was Oprah herself.  She talked about growing up in Mississippi during the time of segregation and how she managed to come out of all the negative things she went through (sexual abuse at 9-years old, raped, pregnant at 14-years old) and be where she is today.  It’s an amazing story.

Why am I talking about Oprah on a Willing Willie (Willie Revillame) headline?  A part of Oprah’s story was about the “flow”.  She mentioned that in order for a person to be successful, you first have to love what you do and you have to be “in the flow”.

That means that whatever it is that we do, if something is not right – we hear a whisper.  If the whisper doesn’t get our attention, it becomes louder and louder.  Until such a time where it will feel like a brick had hit us in the head just so that the universe can get our attention.

If after the brick, the universe hasn’t gotten our attention – things will go wrong and it will continue to be wrong until we get back in the flow.

Willie Revillame
did not listen to the whisper.  He had been warned a lot in the past and the whisper had gotten louder but he still hasn’t learned the lesson. At this point, I think the brick is about to hit his head and if he doesn’t listen, things will never go right for him.

Willing Willie will shut down for two-weeks effective April 9th.   Willie said that he will take a break and look at his options.  With advertisers pulling out of TV5 for Willing Willie, I hope he comes back with a realization that it’s not all about him.  Fighting the flow will yield the same results for him in the future. Humble yourself Willie. That’s all you can do now.


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