New Mark Zuckerberg Emails released portrays Zuckerberg as a sneaky little bastard.

Have you done stupid stuff when you were 19-years old? I mean stuff that you don’t even want to expose to the public anymore since you were stupid and dumb at the time. Yes, you say?

We’ve done stupid stuff in our young lives and everyone can agree on that. Not even the billionaire Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg can deny that. He’s admitted to foolish IMs before (gosh, if they publish all the IMs I’ve written when I was 19-years old, I would be so ashamed!) and now here comes another claim.

Paul Ceglia, who has claimed 50% ownership of Facebook have released more emails from Zuckerberg that portrays the billionaire as one sneaky little bastard trying to gain full control of Facebook knowingly that there’s a huge potential for it without disclosing it to then-partner Ceglia.

Reading through the email thread, Zuckerberg even stated that there is very little interest in Facebook and that it would be best for him to return Ceglia’s $2,000 dollar investment a week before Zuckerberg incorporated Facebook in Delaware.

The challenge here is proving that the emails are authentic and that relieving his partner of ownership was intentional with the knowledge that he’s got a goldmine in his hands. The Winklevoss twins loss their lawsuit just recently so I really am leery about Ceglia winning this case.

I don’t know how far this will go with the team of Facebook power lawyers but man, I don’t know if I should continue with my crush for Zuckerberg now that I found out about this. 🙂

It will make your blood boil if you read the timeline of events.

What do you think? Who’s telling the truth here?  Read the rest of it here.

via Gawker

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