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Uh-oh! Is the secret out? Sarah Burton Seen At Kate Middleton’s Hotel On Thursday? (PHOTOS)



Photo credit: Huffington Post

This is big news!  The speculation that Alexander McQueen designer Sarah Burton designed Catherine (yes, she wants to be called that now.  No more Kate) Middleton’s wedding dress may have just been revealed.

According to HuffPo, London newspapers were in a frenzy when Sarah Burton was spotted entering Kate Middleton’s hotel which would have confirmed that it was her who designed her wedding gown.

It’s hard to confirm the photos since the person was hiding behind her coat but one thing stood out.  The belt.  Take a look at the photos and notice her belt.

The distinctive studded leather belt doubled through the belt loops of her jeans was identical to the one favoured by Sarah Burton, creative director of Alexander McQueen, as were the ballet pumps.

Burton, the Manchester-born designer, who has imbued the radical British brand with a robust femininity and breathtaking feeling of historical romance, is not often photographed. But when she is, the metal belt, buckled, and then individually slotted backwards, and the flat pumps, are present.


It also makes sense because many are saying that Kate Middleton would unlikely pick a designer who’s not British.

via Huffington Post

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