Osama Bin Laden Execution (Video) On Facebook – A Virus – Delete it!

I’ve seen many of my Facebook friends become victims of this malicious virus that was released on Facebook. It will show up on your wall saying that an Osama Bin Laden Execution Video was released by BBC as taken by US soldiers during the raid in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

If you see it on your wall – – do not – – REPEAT: DO NOT CLICK IT. It is a virus that will gather all your contacts and post the same message on their walls as well.

Many of my friends have already warned their friends but the messages have spread so fast because of people’s interest in seeing the execution of Osama Bin Laden. So far, no video is known to exist. Even death photos of Osama Bin Laden is closely guarded not to be released to the public.

A warning to all my readers – if you see this message on your Facebook wall – – simply delete it.

In the meantime, you may watch the newly released video of Osama’s Compound burning after the attack below:

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