Jersey Shore’s Snooki Polizzi Hit A Cop Car in Italy. Bam!

Way to go Snooki!!  Dang.  This girl knows how to meet trouble.

Apparently, reports that Snooki hit a parked cop car in an accident while driving around Italy.  She was taken into police custody after the accident.  She had Deena Cortese along with her in the vehicle including an MTV crew. reports that Snooki had to fill out an accident report but was released after they refused medical treatment.  The cops were reportedly part of their security team while in Italy.  Both officers were taken to the hospital to receive medical attention for whiplash, cuts and bruises.   Sources did say that although Snooki was taken into custody, it was not an official arrest.

Uh-oh!  I wonder if this was a publicity stunt.  Let’s hope so.  Otherwise, we wouldn’t want to see Snooki held in Italy like Amanda Knox.  That would be bad.

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